Machine Learning Isn’t the Secret Sauce

by Angela Guess Lukas Biewald recently wrote for CrowdFlower, “Earlier this week, Google open-sourced TensorFlow. According to Matt Cutts, who has run Google’s spam algorithms for years, TensorFlow is essentially Google’s ‘secret-sauce.’ That said, Google clearly believes machine learning is incredibly important and is willing to invest billions in R&D. So why would they be willing open source their core technology? It’s simple. Machine learning algorithms aren’t the secret sauce. The data is the secret sauce.” Biewald goes on, “Companies don’t usually come out and say that data is the most important thing, but you can see it in their actions. In the past month, IBM completed a multibillion dollar acquisition of Merge Healthcare and announced the multibillion dollar acquisition of Neither company has a business with obvious synergies…

Link to Full Article: Machine Learning Isn’t the Secret Sauce

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