Machine learning: Moving out of academia and into industry

Machine learning has come a long way since Frank Rosenblatt discovered the perceptron algorithm and Arthur Samuel developed computer checkers in the late 1950s – having moved out of academia and into widespread industry adoption.

That’s a trend Poul Petersen, the chief infrastructure officer of machine learning API company, BigML, is seeing, noting the recent explosion of APIs coming onto the market. Petersen is speaking today at the Predictive APIs conference in Sydney.

“The goal in that time [the early days] was more about designing algorithms and defining the theory. It’s easier now to say it’s A, B and C, but when you’re the visionary, it’s much harder to define,” Petersen told CIO.

“The turning point was with the International Machine Learning Society in 1980, which hosted the first machine learning workshop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” he said.

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