Machine-learning radars may be coming to automotive

IMEC is already working with automotive radar market leader Infineon Technologies AG at 79GHz in 28nm CMOS (see Infineon, IMEC collaborate on 79GHz CMOS radar ). Now it wants to go to a yet smaller wavelength and add machine learning to the back end of its sensors said Wim van Thillo, program director for perceptive systems at IMEC, speaking at the IMEC Technology Forum. Van Thillo said his group is already working on a 140GHz chip. At this frequency the wavelength is 2.2mm and his group is aiming for more than 4GHz of bandwidth from a chip measuring 1 square millimeter, he added. The advantages will include higher distance and angular resolution at lower power in a much smaller system size with the radar able to include the antenna-on-chip. In…

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