Machine-Learning Robot Irons Your Clothes

Laundry is easily one of everyone’s least favorite chores. It takes way too long to wash, fold, and iron everything. Well, it appears this tedious task is also going the way of the robots.We’ve already shown you Laundroid, a laundry-folding robot that uses image recognition and robotic arms to, albeit painstakingly slow, pick and fold a load of laundry. It takes Laundroid 3-10 minutes to fold each item, so it’s best to do this overnight.But don’t sweat it, if some items folded by Laundroid come out wrinkly, Columbia University researchers have spent the last three years building a machine-learning robot that can iron clothes.Here’s how it works. The ironing robot picks up a piece of clothing and rotates it 360 degrees to expose it to a Microsoft Xbox Kinect sensor…

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