Machine learning system detects guns in real time

Researchers from the University of Granada, Spain, have developed a smart computer system to detect when a gun is drawn in real time using video footage. The system uses a deep neural network: a complex artificial simulation of the human brain which ‘learns’ to identify patterns by processing huge amounts of data, either with or without human supervision. This can allow for the rapid analysis of language, scientific images, video and other, subtle forms of information, such as facial expressions. The University of Granada researchers decided to train their software to recognise the drawing of a firearm, using a dataset of low-quality videos from YouTube, and cult 90s films featuring trigger-happy characters, including Pulp Fiction, Mission Impossible and James Bond films. Using this data, they were able to train their system to detect guns in video with over 96.5 per cent effectiveness. The programme can analyse five frames a second, rendering it capable of real-time gun detection. When a gun appears in the video, the programme sends an alert, which appears as a red box surrounding the weapon on the screen. Professor Francisco Herrera of the University of Granada suggests that this could be combined with video cameras…

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