Machines v. hackers: Cybersecurity’s artificial intelligence future

It’s a common refrain after any recent high-profile breach into federal computers and corporate networks: There aren’t enough skilled cybersecurity professionals to outwit criminal hackers.That message from officials, executives, and industry experts isn’t just grousing, either. According to industry estimates, the US needs about 200,000 more workers to fill current cybersecurity roles. Globally, the gap is five times higher – an estimated 1 million workers.The issue has become such a priority that President Obama made increasing the number of cybersecurity workers a key component of his multibillion-dollar Cybersecurity National Action Plan, which was introduced earlier this year. The White House said earlier this month it plans on boosting the federal cybersecurity workforce by 3,500 new hires by year’s end.But as businesses compete for scarce cybersecurity talent and policymakers weigh remedies for the digital security worker shortage,…

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