Malware protection for air-gapped systems

Malware protection for air-gapped systemsBy Matt Leonard Jul 14, 2017 Keeping military, industrial and even voting systems disconnected from the internet — or air-gapped — has long been considered a solution for increasing security. But air-gapped systems  have their own vulnerabilities. In 2010 the Stuxnet worm penetrated and damaged an Iranian uranium enrichment plant after contractors unknowingly brought the worm into the facility via a USB stick. Researchers have shown that an air-gapped system could be hacked using radio waves and a cell phone. More recently, data has been exfiltrated from air-gapped systems by interpreting the speed of a computer’s fans or blinking lights. To better defend air-gapped systems, Dell has released an new version of its Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise that allows organizations to take advantage of advanced threat protection technologies with an on-premises security solution that doesn’t require an internet connection and doesn’t rely on anti-malware signature-based software updates. The challenges of updating anti-malware software in systems with no internet connectivity renders the security products far less useful and effective for the agencies that have air-gapped networks in place,” according to white paper from Cylance, which worked with Dell on this new solution. “Government agencies would have to…

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