Marjorie Prime

In a sterile assisted-living facility, there’s little new memory-making in the life of 86-year-old Marjorie, but are her memories of days gone by life-sustaining? Enriching? Could revisiting them be therapeutic? Indeed, yes, according to Senior Serenity, which has arranged for the congenial visitor who is chatting with Marjorie. Turns out the mysterious gentleman is a holographic double, or “prime,” of Walter, Marjorie’s deceased husband, as a young man. “I feel like I have to perform for you,” she tells him, unsure of the arrangement. But he, programmed to supply her with stories of their life together, recalls the day when they saw My Best Friend’s Wedding and he proposed to her. She settles into the conversation, and so too does the initially perplexed audience once it is revealed that it’s…

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