Massive U.K. Brain-Mapping Project Releases First Results

Last week researchers released the first results from the UK Biobank Imaging Study, a massive effort that ultimately aims to scan the brains of 100,000 people and use the data in conjunction with detailed health information to investigate disease progression during aging. The findings from their first 5,000 subjects offer an early peek at an enormous data set that includes a treasure trove of health information from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans and other measures. The study is one of several projects worldwide taking a population-level approach to better understand diseases, and is part of an ongoing movement in neuroscience toward global, collaborative brain research. For many of the diseases that afflict us as we age, from diabetes to dementia, we have no real way of knowing that they are…

Link to Full Article: Massive U.K. Brain-Mapping Project Releases First Results

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