Maybe You've Got too Much Data: What's Important?

I was reading the other day that over 90 percent of the entire Earth’s data was generated in only the last few years. It’s a shocking statistic, no doubt, but where some are amazed New York based Correlate is concerned.

You see, according to them there’s a pretty destructive result from all of this data being generated in the blink of an eye, so to speak. Currently there’s a massive data logjam for organizations that rely on data to drive forward: it goes all the way from government agencies to Fortune 500 companies.

In effect, these entities are unable to leverage existing information necessary for continued growth and efficiency. That’s actually a big part of what makes data science such a hot commodity these days: people need help dealing with this situation.

However, as CEO of Correlate Thomas Hallaran sees it, there’s really no middle line between too much data science and not enough – it’s too polarized. That is, his aim with Correlate is to bridge the gap between one-size-fits-all data software and expensive data science consultants.

“Data science requires a combination of technical expertise and deep, domain-specific knowledge. Existing data visualization platforms, such as Tableau, offer inflexible, standardized analytics that lack data science depth tailored to a particular field,” explains Hallaran.

To that end Correlate was built as a flexible data science platform that utilizes forward deployed engineers to tailor data science and analytics to meet a client’s unique needs. As the team says, their SaaS platform can be provisioned to comprehend field-specific data much more rapidly than current offerings.

The idea was born from a group of advertising technology engineers and bio-informatician veterans who previously worked on President Obama’s 2008 campaign banded together. Their first iteration, the team being near the government at the time, was a tool designed to help the House of Representatives mine a previously unmanageable influx of email.

Since then they’ve gone on to participate in the 2012 SXSW Accelerator program and have spun off as their own product company.

“Over the course of the last four years, we have expanded Correlate to be a flexible data science platform serving major organizations,” says Hallaran. “Correlate has brought customized data science solutions in reach of civic minded organizations that previously lacked the resources or abilities to solve these problems.”

It’ll be interesting to see how an influx of students graduating with data science degrees might upset the balance of the currently polarized market. Granted, that will take a few more years as most universities have only recently been promoting data science to their students. Regardless, Hallaran knows to keep his eyes on universities while also maintaining focus on building Correlate as a fixed point for the industry.

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Source: Maybe You've Got too Much Data: What's Important?

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