McAfee dives deeper into artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence could be a game-changer for security teams, experts contend. Amid a flurry of releases that embed AI into threat defence platforms, IT security managers are on the lookout for the killer machine learning-driven tool that finally gives them the edge in threat protection.      McAfee believes it has the answer. The McAfee Advanced Threat Defence (ATD) software seeks to improve the way humans and machines work together to protect their organisation’s IT resources, through implementation of an intelligent security platform driven by machine learning and automation. The newly released McAfee ATD v4.0 software introduces a deep learning technique that the company says enhances detection and expands analysis capabilities within email attachments, resulting in more comprehensive protection across the network as new threat intelligence and reputation updates are shared throughout the ecosystem. McAfee ATD v4.0 joins a growing portfolio of McAfee products that incorporate machine learning, including McAfee Endpoint Security with Real Protect and McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). Raja Patel, vice president and general manager for corporate security products at McAfee says security teams are facing 244 new cyber threats every minute, amid a serious talent shortage. “Siloed security, without automation, managed by overwhelmed teams is not a…

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