Meet Dell And CSIRO’s Large-Scale Artificial Intelligence Computer

Image: SuppliedRonald N Bracewell is an Australian astronomer and engineer who worked in the CSIRO Radiophysics Laboratory during World War II, and whose work led to fundamental advances in medical imaging. Bracewell is also the namesake for a new large-scale scientific computing system built by Dell, expanding the CSIRO’s capability in deep learning and artificial intelligence. The system was installed by Dell five days across May and June 2017, and now it is live. Image: Dell The Bracewell system is built on Dell EMC’s PowerEdge platform, with partner technology including GPUs for computation and InfiniBand networking, which pieces all the compute nodes together in a low latency and high bandwidth solution faster than traditional networking. Dell EMC ANZ High Performance Computing Lead, Andrew Underwood, said the installation process was streamlined and optimised for deep learning applications, with Bright Cluster Manager technology helping put these frameworks in place faster than ever before. The system includes 114 x PowerEdge C4130 with NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs, NVLINK, dual Intel Xeon processors and 100Gbps Mellanox EDR InfiniBand. This is a total of 1,634,304 CUDA Compute Cores, 3,192 Xeon Compute Cores and 29TB RAM. There’s also 13 x 100Gbps 36p EDR InfiniBand switch fabric and…

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