Meet MIT’s New Cyber-Attack Detection Tool

Researchers merged artificial intelligence with ‘analyst intuition’ to create AI2. Cyber crime never sleeps, but researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and machine-learning start-up PatternEx are working to thwart the next big attack. Their joint effort, known as AI2, merges artificial intelligence with what the researchers call “analyst intuition” to predict future attacks. Like a parent and child tackling a homework assignment, the machine first works unsupervised, combing through data and detecting suspicious activity. It then presents said activity to human analysts, who pull out actual attacks. AI2 incorporates that feedback into its models for the next dataset, learning as it goes. “It continuously generates new models that it can refine in as little as a few hours, meaning it can improve its detection rates significantly and…

Link to Full Article: Meet MIT’s New Cyber-Attack Detection Tool

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