Meet Your New ‘Uber, But for Advertising’ AI Overlords

Here’s a quick one for review in case you guys weren’t aware of the many brilliant options the market has provided to help your clients sell stuff. This depressing message comes to us via a PR agency that obviously can’t tell the difference between “advertising” and “ad tech” but works with clients offering a “sharing economy” solution to those companies’ most pressing needs. Here’s the pitch in full except for the “do you want to schedule an interview?” part: “Many of today’s most profitable companies aren’t producing or selling anything. They’re simply connecting and streamlining resources. Take Uber and Airbnb for example, which own no cars or real estate. The shared economy is growing. Its next stop? The advertising industry. xxxxx is the world’s first ad development creative platform that uses a pay for…

Link to Full Article: Meet Your New ‘Uber, But for Advertising’ AI Overlords

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