Meetup Summary – Winning Data Science Competitions

If you’ve never heard of kaggle, I guess the first question I have to ask is “how did you end up on DataScience.LA?” Kaggle is one of the foremost machine learning competition websites on the internet. Companies from GE to Criteo and everything in between create competitions. These competitions are in the form of a dataset, ranging from small to relatively large (up to many many gigabytes), a stated goal (such as predicting an event or finding a numeric value) and an evaluation criteria. The Kaggle community has grown in the last few years, so that now competitions often host thousands of participants! On October 27th, we were fortunate to have Jeong-Yoon Lee, Chief Data Scientist at Conversion Logic and Kaggle master, present to the DataScience.LA Data Science meetup. His presentation covered a wide…

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