Mexico: Amazing interest in Data Science

When I was asked by Raul F. Chong, BDU WW leader, about the opportunity to travel to Mexico to deliver the bootcamp I had been running in China, I was hooked immediately. Tequila was of course my main motivator (just kidding!). I was curious about the interest in Data Science in other countries other than North America, and China. From September 19 – 22, I had the honor to deliver the Data Science bootcamp in collaboration with IBM to 80 participants (40 university professors, 15 researchers and 15 IBM employees) in Guadalajara, Mexico. This city is like an IT hub in Mexico with big companies like IBM (5000 employees), Intel, Oracle, HP, etc. It has a large population, and it has the second biggest university in the country with 17 campuses! In this bootcamp, I gave…

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