Microsoft: 2016 Will Be The Year Of AI

Microsoft recently asked 16 members of its technology and research organization to predict the big trends of 2016. There are some outliers — a researcher here who is really excited about styluses, a researcher there who likes depth-field cameras — but by and large, almost all of them seem to be saying one thing: 2016 is going to be a huge year for artificial intelligence, which has important implications for the design industry. Asked what the key technology breakthroughs in 2016 will be, Chris Bishop, managing director of Microsoft Research, says “The emergence of new silicon architectures that are tuned to the intensive workloads of machine learning.” These architectures will result in “more natural and competent” speech interactions with our computers and smartphones that will make virtual personal assistants like…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft: 2016 Will Be The Year Of AI

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