Microsoft Debuts AI Unit to Take on Tricky Questions

Microsoft has created a unit within its broader artificial intelligence and research organization that will take on tough AI challenges, like how to use different AI technologies, to make software smarter.The subset organization, called Microsoft Research AI, was announced in London on Wednesday by Microsoft executive vice president Harry Shum. It will employ about 100 researchers and be based at Microsoft’s Redmond, Wash. headquarters. The new unit is roughly analogous to Google’s DeepMind AI research organization. Broadly speaking, AI comprises several technologies meant to endow software with human-like intelligence. Computers that recognize speech and images are manifestations of AI. Thus when you ask Amazon Alexa to order a pizza, or ask Apple (aapl) Siri, or Google Assistant, about a fun fact, you are tapping the fruits of extensive AI research. Tech companies see gold in AI which is why IBM (ibm), Google (googl), Salesforce (crm) and others slather their marketing materials with references to AI when applicable. And even when not. Related; Microsoft Loses Key Exec But Gains New AI Unit If there is any doubt that AI is a hotbed of activity, the number of press releases generated claiming some link to it is a good measure. Other than…

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