Microsoft Developing Artificial Intelligence Processor For HoloLens 2

Artificial intelligence has been a growing field for tech companies and the technology is starting to make its way to consumer electronics. In a blog post Monday, Microsoft detailed plans for its HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset and confirmed that it would utilize a dedicated coprocessor for AI processing. Technologically, here’s why Microsoft wants to move AI work right onto the HoloLens 2. Traditionally, companies have either offloaded AI processing onto the cloud or used the processor included in a device by default. Read: Elon Musk Warns US Governors: Regulate Artificial Intelligence Before ‘It’s Too Late’ But as AI applications have become increasingly demanding and resource-intensive, companies have run into the limitations of this approach. Especially at the consumer level, the processing time needed to bounce tasks to and from the cloud and the limits of existing hardware are hurdles to the lag-free AI performance that companies want from their devices. In quick-reaction situations like gaming or using a self-driving car, buyers will easily notice a millisecond or multi-millisecond delay in processing. In the post, Microsoft director of science Marc Pollefeys detailed how companies have traditionally tackled AI processing: Although we have seen large improvements in the accuracy of recognition…

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