Microsoft Isn’t Worried About ‘The Collector’s’ Password Cache

‘The Collector’s’ massive trove of stolen credentials affects an infinitesimal number of Microsoft’s accounts. Last week, the computer security industry was abuzz with the revelation that “The Collector,” a Russian Hacker, had amassed 272 million stolen log-ins, affecting major online email providers, including Yahoo,Google, and Microsoft’s own Hotmail.Alex Weinert, group program manager of Microsoft’s Identity Protection team, took to the company’s blog to reveal the impact of the seemingly major breach on the company’s user base—in short, not much.Less than 10 percent of the usernames on The Collector’s list matched an account on Microsoft’s systems, Weinert said. Of those, 1.03 percent had the proper corresponding password, meaning that less than 0.1 percent of the list had a correct username-password match for a Microsoft account.From there, the risk to Microsoft’s…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft Isn’t Worried About ‘The Collector’s’ Password Cache

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