Microsoft Launches Artificial Intelligence Research Lab

Shutterstock photo Microsoft Corp . MSFT recently announced the launch of Microsoft Research AI lab. It will focus on obstacles faced in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Based at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, WA, the research lab will involve more than 100 scientists related to various subfields including natural language processing, machine learning, visual perception and decision making, among others. Notably, the AI technologies used today are dedicated to specific tasks. Microsoft’s idea is to combine these and form a single AI technology that will have a cognitive approach. Microsoft is also working on an Ethical Design Guide for AI development based on CEO Satya Nadella’s principles.Microsoft also stated that it will be working with Apple’s AAPL new application called Seeing AI meant for assisting blind people. Moreover, with the AI for Earth program, the company is using artificial intelligence to help organizations address environmental challenges related to water, agriculture, biodiversity and climate change. The company also committed $2 million for this initiative.We believe Microsoft is going to benefit from its product and service portfolio that consists of AI, Azure and its cost restructuring methods such as proper resource allocation techniques. Notably, the company has outperformed the S&P 500…

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