Microsoft to Help Researchers Study AI – on Minecraft

The so-called “project Malmo” has already been accessible to a small group of computer science researchers for some months, but now it is freely available on the developer platform GitHub. Microsoft bought Minecraft — an addictive  game that allows players to move, interact and build complex objects in a 3D blocky world-in 2014. It is now clear that the Seattle based tech giant had spotted the software’s potential for AI applications. According to Microsoft, the new Minecraft-based platform “Project Malmo” will come in handy  to research “general artificial intelligence” — that is a computer that can engage in eminently human activities such as learning new things, having a conversation, making decisions and carrying out tasks. Teaching a machine to do that requires a lot of repetition, therefore Project Malmo will allow scientists to design bots who can practice talking with each other and with humans. But there’s more. Minecraft’s…

Link to Full Article: Microsoft to Help Researchers Study AI – on Minecraft

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