Miller: Artificial intelligence a life-altering technology

The industrial revolution emerged in the 18th century and altered life for mankind. The computer age that came along in the 20th century did likewise. Now, artificial intelligence, an advanced technology that utilizes algorithms — a sequence of actions that combines calculations, data processing and automated reasoning — will allow computers to read, understand and analyze as the human mind does. Thus, America is poised to embark on an innovative boom of historic proportions that will transform our everyday life and make some alert investors very wealthy. Ninety percent of all data produced and collected since the beginning of our time has been done in the last two years, and will be doubled (at the present rate) in the next five years. This incredible statement of facts is difficult to absorb even for the highly intelligent mind. The human brain has astonishing capability. Once our technologists are freed from the monotonous task of sorting out the billions of pages of data now published daily by computer software, our minds can focus on creative research such as medical science, financial analysis and robotics (to name only a few). Just recently, an automobile drove itself and four passengers through the Albany area…

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