MIT system hits ‘near-human’ accuracy in finding memorable photos

Tweaking the color and exposure of your photos is fun, and it turned out well enough for Instagram. MIT scientists think they can take things much further, thanks to artificial intelligence software that can predict the strength of human memory. Researchers at the university have developed an algorithm that can predict how well people will remember different images with “near-human” levels of accuracy. The system is now available online, where anyone can feed it images that are assigned a memorability score and overlaid with a “heat map” that shows which regions are most likely to stick in someone’s mind — warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow are more memorable, and cooler colors like blue indicate portions that don’t grab someone’s memory quite as hard. JIM DAVIS/GLOBE STAFF/MIT The technology could…

Link to Full Article: MIT system hits ‘near-human’ accuracy in finding memorable photos

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