Miyazaki-Inspired Short Follows an AI’s Coming of Age

Blog By DJ Pangburn — Dec 22 2015 Screencaps via author Directed by Minsk-based animator Ivan Gopienko, the short animated film Children of Future Sleep, clocks in at just under 10 minutes, does more serious thinking about AI than just about any current piece of popular speculative film or fiction. That Gopienko does this with no dialogue, relying on a knack for fantastical visuals reportedly inspired by the likes of Ghost in the Machine and Studio Ghibli, is even more incredible. Without dialogue, the images and sound design have to tell the entire story in a dynamic, visually appealing way. Between Elon Musk’s existential terror over the rise of artificial intelligence, and the deadly smart AI in Alex Garland’s thriller Ex Machina, the intelligent machine has recently come in for some overstated fear. Apart…

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