Mobify Buys Pathful To Hone Mobile Shopping Pitches

Mobify, a startup which aims to help retailers attract and retain customers both online and in the brick-and-mortar world, has bought Pathful, a small artificial intelligence (AI) specialist. Both companies are based in Vancouver, British Columbia—so there’s a geographic fit—but aside from that, Pathful will bring more machine learning or AI smarts to Mobify. In theory, that will help it offer more tailored (and thus useful, and hopefully not annoying) offers to would-be shoppers based on what it knows about their tastes, interests, and past actions. “Our goal is to help retailers connect with shoppers and the next frontier is do it in a way that’s much better than email marketing,” Mobify chief executive Igor Faletski told Fortune. “We think every message has to be personal and relevant. You won’t…

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