Momo: Your Home Security Assistant with Artificial Intelligence

There is a sudden shift in smart home devices, all thanks to a home assistant. Our one companion that not just help but protects our home. These devices are getting out of the shelf like Halloween candies. A kind of home assistant is Momo. Pre-Order Link Momo provides a standalone security system, which includes an amazing facial recognition technology along with various kinds of sensors. It also helps in controlling your existing smart devices at home. The Artificial Intelligence used by Momo uses various techniques to learn about the user lifestyle and suggests functions accordingly. It is the winner of the Silicio IoT award beating other brands like Philips and Samsung. How does it work? Momo works on an open platform and is the first smart device which is compatible with all your other devices. It uses machine learning techniques to learn your patterns and behaviour at home. It uses “learn and adapt AI” which helps you create a decent living environment by analysing it without wasting much of your time. If it detects something suspicious, it will send you an alert and sound an alarm. The device deactivates itself when you reach back home. Features: Artificial intelligence…

Link to Full Article: Momo: Your Home Security Assistant with Artificial Intelligence

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