More Data Science Humor and Cartoons

           Tweet Previous post Tags: Cartoon, Humor, Recommendations More humor and cartoons from Andrii aka San Sanych, #HappyDataScientist. Here is more Data Science humor and cartoons from Andrii, #HappyDataScientist Customers who bought this item also bought: #HappyDataScientist    Data is the new OIL? No, Data is the SOIL @mccandelish #HappyDataScientist For more jokes & humor about Data Science, Machine Learning, Statistics, Math, Analytics, Programming and Social Media check his facebook group twitter account: @TheSmartJokes Previous post Most popular last 30 days  Most viewed last 30 days TensorFlow Disappoints – Google Deep Learning falls shallow – Nov 16, 2015. 7 Steps to Mastering Machine Learning With Python – Nov 19, 2015. R vs Python for Data Science: The Winner is … – May 26, 2015. 9 Must-Have Skills You…

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