Most accurate map of the human cortex unvelied

The most complete map of the cerebral cortex ever to be charted has been unveiled this week in Nature. No less than 97, distinct, previously undescribed regions have been found.A map showing some of the 180 cortical regions.Image credit: Matthew Glasser, Ph.D., David Van Essen, Ph.D., Washington University The cerebral cortex – the outer portion of the mammalian brain – is a 2-4-millimeter thick layer of gray matter. This densely folded formation of cells is heavily involved in a number of tasks, including attention, memory, perception, consciousness, awareness, thought, and language. Over the last century, neuroscientists have divided the cortex into ever smaller sections of discrete functionality. Although the brain is known to function, very much, as a whole, dividing it into bite size chunks helps understand how it can…

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