Movidius Fathom: A USB Stick A.I Supercomputer

Movidius has just launched the Fathom Neural Compute Stick, a computer dedicated to using Deep Learning training on ultra-mobile, low-power, platforms such as drones other embedded applications where every milliwatt of power, and every gram of weight, counts. The Fathom Neural Compute Stick uses the company’s Myriad 2 chip (model MA2450), a superbly power-efficient vision processor (VPU) which we covered back in 2014, and the USB stick format provides a casing for the tiny motherboard, memory (512MB) and everything else required to form a complete computer. In practical embedded A.I applications, USB 3.0 would provide enough bandwidth for known workloads. At a very high level, there are typically two phases in deep learning A.I: Training and Inference. Training requires huge computing resources and storage. For example, it’s possible to train…

Link to Full Article: Movidius Fathom: A USB Stick A.I Supercomputer

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