Movidius puts deep learning chip in a USB drive

(Movidius) Tweet Share Today Silicon Valley chip maker Movidius released the Fathom Neural Compute Stick. It looks like a measly thumb drive, but inside it packs a high-end visual processing unit that can do a bunch of advanced image recognition. That chip, which is called the Myriad 2, is the same one powering the computer vision and autonomous features in DJI’s latest drone. The Fathom is basically a plug-and-play version of the Myriad 2, and Movidius hopes engineers will use it to build deep learning features like like pixel-by-pixel imagine labeling and advanced video analytics into their existing products. “It lets you implement machine learning in an ad hoc manner,” Cormac Brick, head of machine learning at Movidius, tells The Verge. Brick sees applications for the Fathom in the development of…

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