MS Computer Science – Specializations

Georgia Tech’s innovative MS CS degree program allows students to specialize their degree, to fit their academic and professional goals.  Explore the 11 specializations listed below to discover the possibilities of a Master’s of Science in Computer Science at the Georgia Tech College of Computing.  Specialization in Computational Perception and Robotics  Core Courses (6 hours) Algorithms: Pick one (1) of: CS 6505 Computability, Algorithms, and Complexity CS 6520 Computational Complexity Theory CS 6550 Design and Analysis of Algorithms CS 7520 Approximation Algorithms CS 7530 Randomized Algorithms CSE 6140 Computational Science and Engineering Algorithms And, pick one (1) of: CS 6601 Artificial Intelligence CS 7641 Machine Learning Electives (9 hours) Pick three (3) courses from Perception and Robotics, with at least one course from each. Perception CS 6475 Computational Photography CS 6476 Computer Vision CS 7499 3D Reconstruction CS 7636 Computational Perception CS 7650 Natural Language CS 8803 Special Topics: Multiview Geometry in Computer Vision Robotics CS 7630 Autonomous Robotics CS 7631 Autonomous Multi-Robot Systems CS 7633 Human-Robot Interaction CS 7649 Robot Intelligence: Planning CS 8803-O01 Artificial Intelligence for Robotics Specialization in Computer Graphics Core Courses (6 hours) CS 6491 Foundations of Computer Graphics CS 6505 Computability, Algorithms, and Complexity Electives (9 hours) Pick three (3) from: CS 6457…

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