Eppendorf & “Science” Prize for Neurobiology

Awards a $25,000 prize for neurobiology to one young scientist per year.

Fogarty International Center — National Institutes of Health

Lists NIH research grants for a variety of neuroscience-related initiatives, with special focus on those outside the United States. The list is continuously updated to reflect open calls for applications and future due dates.

International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)

Focuses resources on brain science research and offers fellowships, travel awards, and “return home” grants.

International Academies of Science (IAP)

Funds research in multiple aspects of science and society. Membership is composed of science academies around the world who are the only eligible recipients of funding.

International Foundation for Science (IFS)

Funds research in multiple areas and has special programs for scientists in developing countries.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation Neuroscience Investigator Awards

The award provides $1.5M USD over five years and is open to researchers based at accredited academic institutions and nonprofit research institutions from throughout the world.

Source: Multiregional

Via: Google Alert for Neuroscience

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