Musk Says Zuckerberg Has ‘Limited’ Understanding of Artificial Intelligence

Many people have a fear of a Terminator-style dystopia where robots and computers take over from humans. And Musk, who owns the Tesla electric car and battery company, SpaceX and several other hi-tech enterprises, appeared to be fueling those fears with comments he made recently. “AI is a rare case where we need to be proactive in regulation instead of reactive because if we’re reactive in AI regulation it’s too late,” he said at a meeting of the National Governors’ Association earlier this month. Musk also described it as the “biggest risk we face as a civilization.” Zuckerberg has increasingly used AI in Facebook’s business model and he reacted badly to Musk’s criticism. “People who are naysayers and try to drum up these doomsday scenarios — I just, I don’t understand it. It’s really negative and in some ways I actually think it is pretty irresponsible,” said Zuckerberg. Last year Joaquin Candela, Facebook’s director of applied machine learning, said the company has been increasingly using AI to moderate offensive content on live streams.     I’ve talked to Mark about this. His understanding of the subject is limited. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 25, 2017​ Now Musk has hit back and said Zuckerberg’s “understanding of the subject is limited.” While not defending Zuckerberg per se, Gil Pratt, CEO at the Toyota Institute, has rounded on Musk. “It’s important…

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