Musk, Zuckerberg duel over artificial intelligence

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, says Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has only “limited” knowledge of artificial intelligence Visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk and Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg were trading jabs on social media over artificial intelligence this week in a debate that has turned personal between the two technology luminaries. Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX and other ventures, on Tuesday claimed Zuckerberg’s knowledge of artificial intelligence was “limited,” two days after the Facebook founder described “naysayers” as “irresponsible.” The debate underscored the rift in the tech community on whether new technologies capable of creating intelligent machines like robots and self-driving cars would be a blessing or a curse for humanity. Musk has long warned of the potential for machines to get so smart that humans become tantamount to pets, while Zuckerberg has touted the potential for artificial intelligence to improve lives. Facebook is among the Silicon Valley’s largest investors in artificial intelligence. While live streaming on the leading social network from his yard on Sunday, Zuckerberg touched on the topic while answering questions from viewers. “With AI especially, I am really optimistic,” Zuckerberg said. “And I think people who are naysayers and try to drum up these doomsday scenarios—…

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