Neural Networks for Better Photographs?

From the proliferation of smartphones with a built-in camera, to the increasing use of security cameras in public spaces, we are all on camera, more than ever before. And with an increase in images comes an increase in poorly-shot photos.  Unfortunately, most of us are not professional photographers, and oftentimes, extraneous distractions can get in the way of the perfect shot.  In both consumer photography and in outdoor surveillance systems, dirt, rain, and accidental scratches can obscure an image, and degrade image quality. But data science is here to rescue amateur photographers and security apparatuses.  In a 2013 paper titled, “Restoring An Image Taken Through a Window Covered with Dirt or Rain” Rob Fergus, from the Center for Data Science, and two other researchers from NYU, David Eigen and Dilip Krishnan,…

Link to Full Article: Neural Networks for Better Photographs?

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