Neuro-stimulation to be trialled for treating depression

Vincent Walsh will be speaking at WIRED Health 2016 on 29 April in London. From helping humans live longer and hacking our performance, to repairing the body and understanding the brain, WIRED Health will hear from the innovators transforming this critical sector. WIRED Health 2016 takes place on 29 April in London. Visit for tickets. Armando Veve Science tells us that the brain is basically a big bundle of electrical wires. But what if you could tweak the running of the network from outside? It turns out we can have some mediating influence on the activity in those wires through methods such as neuro-stimulation. Zapping bits of our brains with electricity can, for example, help to treat mental illnesses. This is the basis of one of Vincent Walsh’s latest projects – a clinic…

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