Neuroscience approved as newest major at Luther College

September 21, 2016 Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:56 AM Neuroscience is currently one of the fastest growing areas in basic scientific research and, in terms of number of publications, ranks alongside the disciplines of physics, chemistry, economics, law, molecular biology and medicine.In September, Luther College’s Board of Regents unanimously approved neuroscience as the newest major in the college’s curriculum.Neuroscience, the interdisciplinary study of how the nervous system functions to control every aspect of humanness, covers everything from basic processes like regulating body temperature to more complex functions like movement, perception, behavior, emotion, desires and memory.”The complexity of the brain is absolutely astounding, and it may well be considered as the final frontier in our understanding the essence of life. From this three-pound organ comes not only the control of body…

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