Neuroscience-Based Cannabis Recommendation Engine Takes Off

Inverse interviewed Nicco Reggente, the CEO of WoahStork, a startup that aims to help cannabis consumers find the perfect strain using its Strain Genie, order it online for pickup or delivery and earn rewards. Reggente, a Ph.D. student at UCLA in cognitive neuroscience, developed the idea for WoahStork to combat negative cannabis experiences. Strain Genie is similar to the Netflix recommendation engine and works well for first-time visitors, allowing them to narrow their search by selecting one of six categories. The company is operating in California, Colorado, Oregon and Nevada, connecting consumers online to dispensaries, but those in other states can still access the site for information. Reggente reports that WoahStork has over 6000 users and is in the middle of a capital raise. Read Ethan Jacobs’ “Wondering Which Marijuana…

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