Neuroscience / Epilepsy Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

Recruitment PeriodOpen April 21st, 2016 through June 30th, 2016Description UC Irvine offers an Epilepsy Research Postdoctoral Fellowship.The multidisciplinary program supports diverse approaches to (1) understanding the fundamental neurobiological processes leading to epilepsy and its cognitive an emotional co-morbidities (2) translational research. Participating laboratories include: Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD: Mechanisms of epileptogenesis: epigenetics, micro-RNA, in vivo electrophysiology and imaging, inflammation. Steven Cramer, MD: Functional imaging & robotics for identification and cure of excitotoxic and ischemic insults. Christine M. Gall, PhD: Neurotrophins, integrins, activity-dependent plasticity. Alan L. Goldin, MD, PhD: Sodium channels, transgenic approaches, electrophysiology. Robert Hunt, PhD: Epilepsy and cortical development, Stem Cells, interneurons. Claudia Kawas, MD, PhD: Epilepsy and morbidity in the aged. Jack Lin, MD: Epilepsy & cognitive problems, Imaging, DTI, human studies. Gary Lynch, PhD: Regulation of…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscience / Epilepsy Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

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