Neuroscience in Crosshair of Weapons Training

A marksman trains with the Neuro-EST (engagement skills trainer).(Photo: Cubic Global Defense) LONDON — Trainees using one of the leading brands of engagement skills trainers (EST) could soon add headbands to the equipment they use to learn personal weapon skills: headbands that read brainwaves. Intific Inc., which is located in Peckville, Pennsylvania, is a subsidiary of Cubic Defense, which is located in San Diego. Intific specializes in the application of neuroscience technology for a wide variety of applications, including training. Amy Kruse, the company’s vice president of innovation, explains that the real challenge in the military training application is to ensure relevance and currency while focusing on the human being. “The question is — or should be — how do we engage the human?” she asked. The concept is both simple and complex: simple in…

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