Neuroscience: Tide of forgetting

Kathleen Taylor Oxford University Press: 2016. ISBN: 9780198726081 Buy this book: US UK Japan Anzenberger/Eyevine Vincente, 87, has dementia; he is cared for at home by his daughter. The global rise in dementia should surprise no one. The figures — such as the 9.9 million new diagnoses each year — have been known for decades. As slow as we are to accept such vast changes on a personal, societal and political level, so research is slow to uncover why our brains become fragile with age. Neuroscientist and writer Kathleen Taylor’s The Fragile Brain is about that research. But it is much more than a simple reflection on the best published hypotheses. Taylor has crafted a personal, astonishingly coherent review of our current state of knowledge about the causes of Alzheimer’s…

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