Neuroscientists Release New Map of Human Cortex

An international team of neuroscientists from the United States and Europe has mapped 180 distinct areas, including 97 that were previously unknown, in human brain cortex, or outer mantle. Matthew Glasser et al. discovered that our brain’s cortex is composed of 180 distinct areas per hemisphere. For example, the image above shows areas connected to the three main senses — hearing (red), touch (green), vision (blue) and opposing cognitive systems (light and dark). Image credit: Matthew Glasser / David Van Essen. The team, led by Washington University in St. Louis researchers Dr. David Van Essen and Dr. Matthew Glasser, has also developed software that automatically detects the ‘fingerprint’ of each of cortex areas in an individual’s brain scans. “Using multi-modal magnetic resonance images from the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and…

Link to Full Article: Neuroscientists Release New Map of Human Cortex

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