New breed of collaborative robots “work hand in hand” with humans

On Tuesday’s episode of “Robotics Revolution,” CBS News explores how robots can transform the way we live and work.  An estimated 38 percent of American jobs are at “high risk” of automation by the early 2030s. Some cities, like Las Vegas, will be hit hard. Research shows that nearly two-thirds of all Las Vegas jobs may be automated by 2035. But what if machines could be a natural extension of us? MIT hosted the brightest minds in tech on Monday, showing off the latest in artificial intelligence and robotics. One of the most notable and multi-dimensional advances is a way for humans and robots to safely join forces. CBS News’ Dana Jacobson met one robot who works side-by-side with people. Another uses brain control to take cues from humans in order to complete tasks. Both robots are changing the workplace as we know it.  “Well, this is our great innovation, YuMi, which means you and me,” Sami Atiya said. “And it allows robots to work hand in hand with human beings.”  YuMi is what’s called a “cobot,” which is a new breed of collaborative robot that could revolutionize the assembly line. YuMi makes paper airplanes, solves the Rubik’s cube and…

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