New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence

Rebecca BuckmanBattery’s Abhi Arunachalam helped lead a panel discussion about the hot topic of artificial intelligence at a conference in San Francisco last week.The panel at the Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference, sponsored by the group, explored current trends in AI investing as well as the topic of “deep learning”, an evolution in computer programming that takes machine learning one step closer to true artificial intelligence. Arunachalam penned a blog post on the topic of deep learning recently for Forbes. Battery is actively exploring the deep-learning and AI sectors and currently has investments in companies including JASK, which is applying deep learning to cyber-security, and Narrative Science, a natural language generation platform powered by AI.Other participants on Arunachalam’s panel included Nicolai Wadstrom, founder of BootstrapLabs; Shivon Zilis, partner at Bloomberg Beta;…

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