New IBM Software Toolkit Supercharges Deep Learning

Posted By Charles King, Pund-IT on Nov 17, 2016 | A few weeks ago, IBM launched a new POWER-based data center solution for High Performance Computing (HPC) applications, including artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and advanced analytics. The Power System S822LC is a Linux-based offering that leverages a new POWER8 chip and NVIDIA’s NVLink interconnect technology optimized for the Power architecture. Via NVLink, IBM’s Power server architecture can be tightly integrated with NVIDIA’s Pascal architecture and the company’s Tesla P100 GPUs. Why is this a big deal? Because the new Power System S822LC solutions avoid the potential bottlenecks that are commonly associated with conventional PCIe interfaces. That’s a good thing in HPC applications that require sustained, muscular data throughput. But it also means that HPC systems utilizing Power System S822LC…

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