Newbie’s doubt regarding fancyRpartPlot

The Green and Blue buckets correspond to the two classes of the dependent variable. The numbers 0.62 and 0.38 indicate the fraction of the rows going to each side of the node. The % indicates the fraction of rows at the node. ( # of rows at the node/Total # of rows) You can use the iris dataset to generate partition trees and verify the numbers. Note that iris has 150  rows with 3 Species. Here are two examples: I have limited the # of rows to include 2 and 3 classes respectively. 1. Example of two classes, two buckets library(rattle) library(rpart)      ##  this library contains rpart rp2=rpart(Species~.,data=iris[1:75,]) fancyRpartPlot(rp2) 2. Example of 3 classes, 3 buckets rp3=rpart(Species~.,data=iris[1:120,]) fancyRpartPlot(rp3) Hope this helps -Ram

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