News in artificial intelligence and machine learning

? Recognising achievements in AI WIRED open their Innovation Awards series by celebrating British leaders in AI, including the founders of Jukedeck, SwiftKey (acq. Microsoft), VocalIQ (acq. Apple), Blippar and Google DeepMind. I was fortunate to be involved in this project! Four machine learning-enabled geospatial companies were elected as Technology Pioneers 2016 by the World Economic Forum: Mapillary (crowdsourced streetview), Orbital Insight (geospatial big data), Farmers Edge (precision agriculture) and PrecisionHawk (UAVs). ? Creativity, design and theories of AI Four announcements showcasing how creative applications of AI are picking up the pace: Following the launch of Google Brain’s creative AI project Magenta in May, the team released their first track. Compare it to this piece written by Jukedeck’s AI composer and you’ll have confidence that startups can indeed outperform the giants. A…

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