Ng: The rise of Artificial Intelligence | SunStar

WHEN I was small, I was fascinated by a lot of movies that show robots and computers talking and thinking like people. At that time, we knew it was science fiction. But a lot of things we see in the movies are now becoming true. There are now machines that can read handwriting or understand spoken language and seemingly understand them enough to converse. Of course, while there are many manifestations of intelligence, being able to listen and talk is the most apparent behavior of intelligence. And they are coming through many apps – Google android phones have Assistant, Apple Iphones have Siri, Windows users have Cortana, IBM has Watson, Alibaba has TMall Genie, Baidu has Deep Bench and Amazon has Alexa. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to become a major factor in our lives. They will soon drive our cars, and answer our phone calls, and maybe fix our insurance, or health. They may be a factor in many of us losing our jobs as well. They will bring comfort and better lives to some, while becoming a challenge and a source of misery to others – especially those whose skills it will replace. The best way to explore…

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