Nimbix Dives into Machine Learning with Jarvice Platform

Nimbix is using its Jarvice high performance computing (HPC) cloud platform to help customers leverage machine learning tools. The Dallas-based company, which describes itself as a “purpose-built” cloud provider, typically works with customers that do complex tasks that require high performance computing power. Related Articles Leo Reiter, CTO of Nimbix, says that by using machine learning APIs, Jarvice can distribute the power of neural networks to smaller organizations, giving them more computing power for breakthroughs in areas like life sciences, Internet of Things (IoT), and automotive. “They can use our API, and our API is rapid fire and runs whatever workflow necessary,” Reiter says. He says that because machine learning and deep learning are designed to mimic the brain, customers can take all their data and feed it through algorithms to get…

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